House Weyers spotted in walking guide Toerist Modernist

Gerlin Heestermans of heritage platform Toerist Modernist recently released her first eponymous walking guide. Among all of the modernist gems included in this book, we spotted House Weyers as well.

As an ode to Belgium's often little-known modernist heritage gems, Gerlin Heestermans started the heritage platform Toerist Modernist in 2019. Soon her hobby - spotting houses, putting her best foot forward and ringing the doorbell for a visit - nearly became an obsession. She mapped out several architectural walks to highlight the many beautiful modernist houses and buildings, many of which are not protected heritage sites and thus vulnerable to change. Her Instagram account @toeristmodernist became a must-follow for architecture lovers.

In her new guide, Gerlin shares her 12 best walks through places known for their modernist heritage such as Ostend, Li├Ęge and Brussels, but also in less obvious areas such as Eeklo, Charleroi, Tournai and Mariakerke.

House Weyers, the Willy Van Der Meeren-designed home of B-architect Sven Grooten, is included as well. With 100 years of Willy Van Der Meeren being a theme that is celebrated widely at this moment, we think it could be a perfect time to take a stroll during one of the upcoming spring days.

Learn more about House Weyers.