Retrospective of a creative architecture season

B opened a new office in the heart of Brussels

B published a book called ‘B is’

B welcomed 24 new colleagues in the last season

B was founded almost 25 years ago

B will be enjoying the summer holidays.

Another season full of creativity, growth, challenging projects and enriching moments has passed. And it has been one of highlights: we published a new book, opened a second office in the heart of Brussels and welcomed no less than 24 new colleagues.

Now we are taking a few weeks off, in anticipation of new milestones that you will learn about after the summer. So, keep an eye on our online and offline channels and join us in looking forward to a new year full of exciting things. A hint: in 2023 we blow out 25 candles and we intend to do so in style...

See you after the summer break!

Alexandra, An-Sofie, Arati, Astrid, Aude, Beatriz, Brecht, Caroline, Caroline, Celia, Christophe, Cristina, David, Deborah, Dion, Dirk, Domien, Eline, Elke, Eloïse, Enrico, Evelien, Evert, Fleur, Gerben, Gerda, Hanne, Hans, Harout, Inge, Isis, Jacopo, James, Jens, Joachim, Jose, Juanjo, Karol, Katerina, Kim, Klaas, Kristiaan, Kristina, Larissa, Laura, Leonie, Lisse, Louise, Louise, Louise, Mathilde, Nathalie, Nick, Nuno, Olmo, Onur, Otsoe, Patrick, Pauline, Philip, Pierre, Pieter-Jan, Raquel, Rossella, Ruben, Ruben, Sam, Sebastiaan, Sergiu, Stéphanie, Sven, Tine, Ton, Toon and Viktor.

Our offices are closed between July 11 and August 1st. Back at your service from Tuesday August 2nd.