House VD

Individual housing


completed- 2006






Peter Aelterman, Evert Crols, Dirk Engelen, Sven Grooten

Two patios were cut out of the full extent of the allowed building surface. One patio is the entrance to the house and around the second one the 4 bedrooms are located. The patios provide varied and bright light in the house.
The green roof has the legal minimal inclination. The façade is 2,5 m high, but the back wall at the garden measures almost 5 m.
The living rooms have two-storey high windows that offer a beautiful view over the garden. The floors are made of rough rag stone. Wooden Movengui tablets are placed at different heights and function as desks or benches. The bathrooms’ ceilings are fully glazed.
There’s an attic above the cool pantry and the garden shed that functions as playroom. This attic is a remote place so children can dwell and grow up away from the other activities in the house.
Walls, reveals, doorsteps, supporting beams of windows and doors, as well as the terraces are finished with the same brickwork. This gives the house a very simple yet sturdy character.

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