Together with Walter Van Beirendonck we decided that the former car park had to be retained and that when one entered the shop one ought not to see any clothing.


completed - 1998




850 m²


W bvba


Annemie Bosmans, Evert Crols, Dirk Engelen, Sven Grooten

The existing walls were smoothed out and painted white, a new polished concrete floor was added, the glass skylights were restored and the existing drive-in was retained. A transparent screen has been added that automatically rolls up as you approach the shop. The seemingly randomly positioned objects form shops within the shop. There is maximum differentiation in colour, form and texture: a chalet clad in rough wooden planks, a yellow fluorescent piece of furniture in the form of a letter S, a chocolate-brown cuddly bear, a flesh-coloured suspended bar, an L-shaped piece of furniture in Coca Cola red, a soft foam display/sitting/lying object, a rotating advertising panel, a wall composed of milky white crates, etc. Each object contains a different collection. This makes the shop flexible in time and space: objects can be added and removed at any time. The fitting rooms are behind big white sliding partitions. The shop can potentially be used to programme other activities, related or not, such as exhibitions, happenings, installations, etc. The display window is in fact in constant use as a gallery.

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