Behoud de Begeerte, a literary history 1984-2014

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The exhibition “Behoud de Begeerte, a literary history 1984-2014” offers the visitor a theatrical yet intimate view on the history of the organisation Behoud de Begeerte and on the history of Dutch Literature in a 30 years span.


completed - 2014


Letterenhuis, Antwerp


Behoud de Begeerte


Evert Crols, Ilse De Ridder, Dirk Engelen, Sven Grooten, Kunegonde Leys, Kathy Van de Velde

It features billboards, striking literary excerpts, thrilling statistics, the keenest view on the future and the most curious “Behoud de Begeerte-Wunderkammer”. The visitor will experience the very best of 8 Beaux-Forts, Geletterde Mensen, Koningsblauw and Saint-Amour on stage, on the couch and behind the scenes.

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