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MODE2001 LANDED – GELAND was an event organised by Antwerpen Open. It’s curator was Walter Van Beirendonck. The styling of the 4 expositions (“Mutilate”, “Radicals”, “Emotions” and “2Women”) have to meet a few fashionable architectonic conditions: colour panes, bars, bookshops and promotion stands.


completed - 2001


various locations, Antwerp


Antwerpen Open vzw


Walter Van Beirendonck


Evert Crols, Dirk Engelen, Sven Grooten, Sarah Peirsman, Ana Santos

Horizontal and vertical coloured panels guide the visitors from the town’s centre to the different expositions. Red panels to Mutilate, green panels to Radicals, white panels to 2Women and blue ones to Emotions. Fluorescent yellow panels enclose the whole and follow the town’s 19th century border.

During the opening weekend the Groenplaats becomes a green square (which is exactly what the "groen plaats" means) by covering it entirely with grass. An 18 m high ‘A’ was placed on top of the Boerentoren symbolising the event and Antwerpen itself.

A few concrete walls are torn down for the exhibition Mutilate in the MuHKA so a single exhibitions circuit can be created. A temporary ramp completes the existing circulation.
For Radicals 60 photographs of the Scheldt are shown on 20 rotating publicity panels.
For 2Women black and white furniture made from non planed wooden boards is used to display the work of Grabrielle Chanel and Rei Kawakubo in the Antwerp Royal Palace.
Finally Emotions boasts a video show in two blue cylinders at the Oudaan, the police building. These two cylinders are hung on the top floor that also serves as the panoramic hall for the event.

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