House VW

Individual housing

The existing building dating back to the 1970’s has been carefully renovated and expanded. The design of these renovations blends in perfectly with the style of the existing house.


completed - 2014






Dirk Engelen, Evert Crols, Sven Grooten, Sebastiaan Leroy, Katerina Harnack, Otsoe Verdonckt, Ben Six


Several valuable elements (the staircase, specific parts of the kitchen,...) were preserved and renovated. All used materials and details refer in a modern day way to the 1970’s style.

On the first floor the house has received a bathing area. This expansion is wood panelled and blends in with the existing composition of the façade.

In this wooded area the former swimming pool has been turned into a working area. The pool’s bottom is now the basis for a half sunken garden pavilion.

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