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House VZ

In sharp contrast with the current look of the existing neighbourhood the new building regulations for a house in the Oudestraat require three storey buildings with flat roofs.

In time the rural low constructions will make way for a street with a row of houses. This house is a compact building with a steel skeleton structure. This skeleton is filled in by closed and transparent panels. The brick laid terrace balustrades help to safeguard the street’s traditional view. The house has three floors. On the ground floor, the carport is the entrance to the house. A first space that can be used to live or work in looks out to the walled garden. On the upper floors the bedrooms and the living rooms all have a view on a terrace. Since the Oudestraat is a very busy street, the façade is rather closed. The living rooms are oriented to the spacious terraces. These terraces are suspended in the skeleton and function as transition zones between the house and the street.

individual house

status completed - 2007
location Hoboken
client private
team Evert Crols, Dirk Engelen, Sven Grooten, Liesbeth Storkebaum
© Jan Kempenaers
© Jan Kempenaers